Hi, My name is Grey Stephens. I am currently a senior at Cabrini University, in Radnor, Pennsylvania, majoring in Digital Communications and Social Media.

My interests include writing, creating multimedia stories, and sharing and creating  content on social media.  Storytelling is the main aspect of Communications I’ve enjoyed the most. Through writing I have been able to convey the message that Cabrini spreads throughout your 4 years, which is dedicated to academic excellence, leadership development, and a commitment to social justice.

Currently, I hold the position as the Lifestyles editor for the multimedia section with my university’s student-run news paper, the Loquitur. My job includes coaching a staff of 50+ staff writers and coaching them to get better with telling stories on campus.  This leadership position has helped me to explore my passion for writing and be able to help others with their passion.

Below are 2 of my articles I am most proud of

Could I be America’s Next Top Model

This article shows my passion besides journalism which I decided to write about when I was a staff writer. Being able to be an aspiring model taught me many of the things I am using in communications today and I wanted to be able to share my first experience to show that everyone has something they are passionate about.

“Sodexo food service given low rating by students”

This article features me working on a collaboration style article. This shows that I am able to work together on a piece and use my journalism and reporting skills to get the truth to readers on campus.

With my passion for fashion and journalism, I want to be able to join my creative sides together in order to be a successful journalist.